Again, light rain and fog.

Sent email to printer for work, and now I just sip coffee, or mocha and take notes in Comp Book.  Got rid of one of my old blogs, and I’m about to target another.  A great consolidation has started.  Changed my lifestyle, a COMPLETE lifestyle change.  Waking early tomorrow morning, and this I have to do.  Why… need to get in a short punctuated run before my ‘half’ on Sunday.

Plan on blogging throughout the day, taking pictures, coming up with writing prompts.  Today’s a day of teaching and learning.  Learning how to be simpler, let encumbered by anything in this life— no more woebegone— and move more freely, more freedom in my freewriting style, my freely written lifestyle.  Styling my life in and about the writing, with complete FREEDOM.

Alone in office.  Ahead on projects.  Rid self of other old blog.  Going to stop at the anchoring 3— bx, maddenedread, and vinovinevin.  Thought about going down to one blog, but that’s not me.  I’m all over-the-place, I know, and why fight it I’m thinking at this old age of 37.  Rather, work with it, compliment and embrace it.

‘Nother sip of the mocha and I remember that  I made coffee last night.  In tumbler, which is in car.  One goal for today—  Article by day’s end.  A mammoth effort.  Something to do with happiness, simplicity and singularity.  In fact, I very well may rid myself of the other two blogs.  Why not.  Just have one brand, me, the Bottled OX—

“Walking, no time noose, freely new.” Something I wrote on a discussion board, for a group of entrepreneurs earlier in the week.  A happiness, or contentment recipe, for self-understanding and a rounded appreciation of the Now.  Walking, not running.  Be steady, but don’t afraid to be slow.  My story, a writer and teacher—

PROMPT:  What you want from today, in 4 words…  GO!