Added Vice Highly Advised

Won’t lie, I struggled through that class.  Wasn’t in the mood, wasn’t that prepared, just not in the normal Mike teaching character.  So I’m back in the cell, enjoying some quiet before home.  Again pestering myself with the idea of consolidating, everything, having all be in one spot, my life simple, to be a better more organized writer and father, runner and teacher, husband, human, everything.  Wish I had wine in this office.. I should do that sometime, have a split of something in my bag, or a bottle of some beer I like, like Racer or Dogfish Head.  I need to be wilder in everything pertaining to my writing, “more truthful and daring” (wrote today in class, while students were freewriting about a story they want to tell).  But how, what…  My mind is like an agitated but encouraged loving porcupine right now.  I’m not at all negative right now, I swear, just with intention.  So when I write ‘agitated’ I really mean ‘engaged’, or ‘passionate’.  See?  Now I’m not at all in struggle, of any kind.  ‘Cause I’m free, writing freely like an osprey flies in circles over some Central Oregon lake.  Feeling better, feel like me.