After lunch, feeling better than

better.  Flying through my copywriting and editing work, and tempted to walk outside in the blistering heat, just to see how it feels, just to walk in the vineyard a little bit.  Haven’t so far, today.

They’re bottling again today, second day straight, I believe.  Should go for a walk, get some candy from the main office to quell this sweet tooth I’ve had since finishing my chicken salad sandwich on sourdough.  Love that General Store.  Makes me even more ardent about travel, about being one of them, a tourist.  Didn’t want to be that blogger walking around filming everything and everyone… kind of a twit thing to do, frankly.  So I just took some stills.  Nothing impressive, but just to document I was there on my lunch break, so I could look back in a couple months and be like “oh yeah…”

Okay… here I go… into the 90-whatever heat…  Oh, just heard 102.  Well, going anyway.

Back.  And yes it was, is, unbelievably hot.  It just looks hot, looking at the rows and the vines themselves.  Wanted to shoot a video but just a few steps outside the house here I knew I didn’t want to be in that kind of heat for long.  And I wasn’t.  Now back at my desk, I’m entirely seriously thinking about sending the students off, not holding class.  See how I feel…  Presently, I’m of the tilt to show up, talk a bit about the Plath papers, then send them off…  Ugh, I just don’t know.  This kind of heat bends and horribly affects my vision and sensibilities.