Run planned for tomorrow.  6AM. 

Come home then Alice goes out.  I want bottledaux to be a lifestyle log of health, fitness, wellness, meditation, literature…  Nothing to do with wine. Of course, I’ll drink wine here and there, but I don’t want to be a blogger or writer that shows off how much he drinks.  Writers, or at least the writer I want to be and how I want my babies to see me, don’t do that.  They don’t take fulsome “selfies” with other wine “journalists”, adding some quick dimwitted copy like “And then there were cocktails”.  You drink.  We get it.  I want this blog to demonstrate my discipline, and intoxicated state with life.

Currently, the writer sips decaf in the office while wife watches one of here movies— now motioning for upstairs, bedtime.  I’m not far behind, sipping this decaf and wanting to go in the other room now that the TV’s off, and I can lower the light to the level I like.

The day, full of content, useful moments and writings, but draining the writer, so I need to soon bed if I’m to wake to launch at 6 as I wish.  Shit—  my running gear.. will worry about in morning.  Charge watch.. don’t forget to do that.