Entrepreneur Sketch

Declarative Creatives:  1209 Creative

Ms. Sherry Newnom, bringing a visual to its rapturous fruition

There’s floral arrangements, then there’s a visual mastery displayed in everything.  1209 embodies and puts into practice an unusual prowess, with floral arrangements, design, occasion-honed aesthetics, and simply a pervasive and enveloping charm other boutique firms annoyingly lack.  A creatively fervent team of three, Ms. Sherry Newnom, Sara Jihan Fassil, and Katie Powell.  Their connecting to the event world with not just diversifying visuals and floral arrangements, but genuine interest and a mammoth mastery that other such firms promise to materialize at your event but almost immediately fall short.  From an initial visit to their site, 1209creative.com, the creative intention and atmosphere is charmingly aggressive, with a chic business tonal consistency of color and copy, you know who they are immediately.  Three versatilely talented young entrepreneurs and stylists who have the innovative engines always electrified and in animated movement.

One of the catalyzing claims of their business is that they tell stories through visual, underimg_3344 the ‘Services’ tab, with the autonomous and punctuated position of “We are visual storytellers.” Bien sûr!  Telling stories through the several services that Sherry, Sara, and Katie’s business arranges, assuring a story told alongside your occasion and genuine voice, and quite plainly an interesting one.  This is more than just a business of story arrangements, more than just storytelling.  One should know, building.  Of everything.  Memories, and love, and connectedness with community and clients’ events.

Everyone talks about passion of entrepreneurs, but never the creative exploration.  These three creators have not only an urge to create stories for their clients and add to their events, but to explore their own creating; immersing themselves in a diverse and directed artistic practice.  Part of this venture even offers in-home events which is a relief to someone like the working parent who only wants to stay at home and when time for some occasion why not do so where you’re comfortable?  I applaud these young img_3345businesswomen being more creative explorers than event planners or floral arrangers.  Yes, that could be deemed their trade, but their tier of talent is so unusually high, as if climbing some avocational summit, that I can only see them as adventurers in the dimension of ‘creative’; the floral, the events, the resplendent arranging of multi-palate’d tints and hues.

1209 Creative, as Sherry will tell you, “Brings a different look and feel to the flower and event world.”  Again, of course!  Their tone and consistency, continuing with the same lovely pace and appeal as the floral pieces with which they work.  Their coordination is not only credible and coherent, creative, but credible and consummate.  These are the wildly and chimerically creative planners you want to hire for your event, no matter what it is.  They will execute, they can adapt, they will take you on their journey with them, surpassing that peak’s summit, leaving you with more memories than you anticipated.


Personal Note:  I often see floral businesses lacking originality, with how they present their services and products.  Upon a first visit to their site, they defy ALL stereotypes and notions preconceived that I held.  They startlingly live up the ‘Creative’ claim in their business’ call.  I find myself exploring their site as they explore new methods for their clients.  For my first entrepreneur sketch, this was encouraging, but difficult, as I wanted to exhibit the same eminence of creativity as Ms. Sherry and her équipe.