Seeing IT

I’m finding that there are keys in waking early.  Of course we need our sleep, yes, but sleep needs to be planned, scheduled.  Woke this morning just after 6:30, over two hours past when I wanted to wake.  And yes, 4-anything is early, but it’s my targeted time.  Quite early.  We need to have a targeted time and do anything to adhere to it, keep it protected and practice/perfect our creative efforts in that time.  Time is a boon as well as a burden, and bully.  Let’s take out that bully, show it who’s stronger.  Just a note to Self but it needed to be noted before the morning really gets crazy with Jackie needing to be dressed for school in Batman regalia (Superhero day, I’m told).  I’m slugging this coffee like it’s that Lancaster ’11 Cab I last night had.

For day, for the 8+ hours at work, I’ll note EVERYTHING.. you should too, either post to your blog from phone or take little notes in a covert binding of pages as I do.  If you didn’t wake early this morning at your targeted time (like this writer-professor), don’t fret even minuscule droplets of angst.  You can try again come morrow.  NOW… you’re awake, so it’s time to work!  Time to write, time to be open to the natural propulsion of your surroundings.

Yesterday I went for a run and could only be on the concrete for about an 1 hour.  When done, I had my mile count and per-mile time.  I wanted more, I wanted to run for longer but was already over my minutes budget.  Sometimes, most of the time—actually, always— you just have the time you have, and what you produce, write, is what you produce, write.  Write what you can, just know that some practice and discipline has to be instituted, and it has to reflect an awareness of time.

And, again, I’m not talking down to you, this is very much something I learning right alongside you, colleagues and friends.

Enjoy your day, be inspired, be open to what the stage tells you, and keep writing.

If you don’t write, nothing’s written, no story’s told—  Your story NEEDS to be told.  It has to be told.

Get your rest, just know when to get it.  And you’ll have your IT sooner than a soon’s tune.

Yours.  Loyally.  Always.