…coffee, have to have coffee.. all professors drink coffee, right?  So, go!  Get a cup.  Know you’re New today, Professor Mike, that the world will feel your instruction and adjunct’d ire, and that you’ll rise far above the adjunct pit and story, the hold of that world that you’ll be your own form of professor and that it’ll never be replicated in this generation or the next.  The career you build for yourself will be a high and an intoxication that no fancy bottle can replicate.

7:03.  Surprised my son still hasn’t come down yet.

7:14.. after using restroom when upstairs to check on wife and daughter, both asleep both tranquil, both undisturbed by my light trot through the room trying to find pajama bottoms.  No luck, but I didn’t frustrate, had to get back downstairs I knew so I approached the stairs then was stopped by clouds and how the waking sun was adjusting their color composition, or “palette”.  I prefer ‘character’, but anyway what I saw were thinning clouds with touches of light pink and orange, faint blood red, grey and silver and something of a pink-inferred grainy white-black synergy.  I’d never seen a sky like it, and had to just watch it and stare as I knew and still know that will never happen again, with the moment’s ingredients all as they were; wife and babies asleep, the heater in motion, cozy home, peace.  Consuming and convincing peace.. a meditation.  Should have been a philosophy major like Dad.  In fact, I want more of these “philosophy’-leaning thoughts and lecture ideas to be in class with me.  And tomorrow it starts.  With a question:  “Who’s seen something or felt something significant, recently?” And that was just it, I thought at the stairs, before coming down here and pressing “BREW” on the Keurig, “This is something.” And not in the banal suggestion of “epiphany” or even “revelation”.  What was at the stairs’ top with me was undefined and I don’t want it defined, I just want it to remain a feeling.  And I’m sure this is much what Hunter S. Thompson’s character felt in ‘Fear/Vegas’.  It was just something for me to acknowledge, not make “sense” of…