The Day So Far…

At the adjunct cell, but production and materialization of my aims is only progressing, steps forward in my career as a professor.. and just realizing, I started 10 years ago teaching, my first section at Chabot.. and I’m still an adjunct, but I say that with no bitterness only emboldenment for Self and my Personhood..

Ordered books, have to go to off-campus bookstore to get HST book and some other gifts for myself, then back home to see Emma and Ms. Alice.. Emma would be proud of her writer/professor father today, active and moving and not at all stationary in his writings and pages— the semester nears and I can barely wait to start it.  Coming back from the on-campus book store I saw Terry, the Dept. Chair, he offering a warm greeting, asking me how I was which I didn’t expect (I thought I’d get the usual dismissive nod, that I get from all, nearly, FT-ers).  I think he was startled to see me, an adjunct, here, working, ordering books, on my way back to the adjunct collective to do something.  In the typist now is an unfamiliar but savory fire, one that will get me to the Road, to my lecturing out of state..

And what students I’d hope would take away from an entry like this is to just keep moving toward your vision, the picture you want to of yourself see.  And define it yourself, scribe your own set of convictions..

Ten years…..  Can hardly grasp that actuality.  And I’m teaching myself more about that self as semesters progress.. as I progress, and age.  This year 37.. why.  And how, again I have to ask.. another sip of the free coffee from the tumbler Cathy bought me, and thank the Craft she did.  And HER, that she did.  Today I need to be tireless, and own my role as an adjunct, and have that catalyze me to where I want to be— the road.. traveling with my teachings.. lecturing out of state and in-state.

And don’t think I’ve forgotten about Stanford.  I never will.. and my aim for ’16, or one of the many.. to be on the ‘Palo’ campus by years end, if not to merely share ideas for a day.

Or have lunch.

I remember Dad’s joke while I was in the hospital there on campus, where Dad would say, “I went to Stanford…I had lunch there.”

I wrote earlier on the teaching blog about reinvention.  This idea and word emphasis, conceptual envelopment I run with after hearing Scott talk about how Glenn reinvented himself after moving here from Texas.. and Glenn doing so in his late 40s.  I’m still in my 30s.  Granted the beginning of what’s looked at as “late 30s”.. but, et alors!!! (SO WHAT!!!)  Life is shorter than short, in fact it knows how brief it is and it loves torturing us with such immediacy.

The lights in the adjunct cell go off, but I go on typing.. the coffee and my attitude today, this semester coming up and how I will light this department and the school and the thoughts of my students surely sur le feu (on fire).

11:13.. should soon leave, to the bookstore, bring home a hot chocolate for Ms. Alice.. see if I can help in any— OH!  I need a haircut.. that’s another part of this coming term..  I want to appear more the role of a professor.. but no clutter.. minimal weight.. quick and eager, compassionate and passionate.