1/1, Un début

2016.  Started.  First meal, a vegetarian omelette from the Skillet Café in Windsor.  Jackie and Alice watch a movie, all of us in from the surprising cold this morning, 36-37’.   Not many “resolutions” if that’s what you’d them call, just more consistency in my writing, and not stopping, getting up earlier and transferring what I handwrite in the “holstered journal” as I just wrote in the English 5 syllabus, scribble and type later.. just because I’m not at the laptop is NO excuse not to write.  I can write while rocking Emma to sleep, while giving Jackie a bath, while walking to get the mail, while doing a grocery run like last night (insanely)… always the writer should be writing, and at the very least taking notes.

Finished my 3rd story of the 100 stretch, last night.  Have to edit then I’ll post.  In fact, I’ll do so now…

Done.  Only made a few adjustments to the original prose, dialogue, and this story very dialogue-centered, in the two characters Molly and Paula.  The semester starts on the 20th, and I’m committed to this term being perfect.  And yes, perfect.  In all respects, dimensions and attributes.  I’ll be in class in 19 days.. so I have more than enough time to prep and plan and get myself in the position I need be in.

Tomorrow back in Arista tasting room.  Should be busy, should be an opportunity to sell wine and make quite a bit of money.. learn more for my wine business.. which I’ve decided should probably be a wine shop rather than a winery, but I’ll have my wine sold there..  All it takes is money.  And I’ll acquire such capital by selling wines I believe in, stories with which I deeply identify.  And selling my words, which will require a bit of capital, but not much.

Could use a nap.. 11:44.  Should I have another coffee?  Or take notes, on this legal pad right in front of me.  Where did this come from?  I remember someone in Napa years ago telling me the story of this bigshot wine merchant starting his business one night by writing a biz plan on a single yellow sheet.  He was in pharmaceutical sales, though, and they make far more than adjuncts that pour wine on the side.  But my —

Lost my thought’s train or strain so I sit back down after Alice and Emma for a nap go down, and I see the semester taking shape; me lecturing and blogging everything, grading quick and having an evermore elevated rating from students.  And it’s not so much the “rating” I’m after, but the connection, that they’re listening, that they car about their stories and their writings.

Wrote a thought, something quick, for the teaching blog.  Now need to write the first lecture.. on what.  Poetry, of course.. the argumentative quality and magically confusing and lovingly problematic rhetoric of poetry.  The students will love it, I’m sure.. and each lecture, each meeting, will be a piece of writing, for both the 5 and 1A sections.. something typed, printed.. no more than 2 pages (doub spaced).  This first day of ’16..

Writing my 2-page piece later, right now watching Emma by myself as Jackie and Alice go for coffee, and he for one of his treats, usually a petite vanilla scone..  Et , la paix dans toute la maison (and, peace throughout the house).  Have to stick with my French.. listen to podcasts and read French blogs and newspapers..  updated 1 page biz/life plan doc.  So far 2016 is about family, and me doing everything for them so my writings and everything must be as truthful as I can have it— right now Emma in her swing in front of me, me in desk chair but a foot or so away from desk and swiveled toward my little beat empress— she makes her sounds and I can’t understand but that’s very much the joy of this part of parenting, this stage, the infancy arena where you say how old they are either by days or weeks.

3:04— and I will very much continue with the timestamping as that’s my stylistic stamp, or part of it I think.  Jackie and I leave for Mom and Dad’s in a bit, and I’ll bring my holstered journal.. write words as they come to me, like now with wine on mind, “regions”.. I’ve always been one who sought more the region and vintage over varietal or producer.. but that’s another paper, another topic of address and quite another thing for the writer to write about later.