Sunday, my new regularized day off. 

Just back from coffee run with Jackie, and I feel that angst again, that stress or anxiety about my writing and business ventures–  So today I do a couple things differently.  First, no posting to bottledaux blog, or at least not right away (though knowing me I’ll change mind on that.  Then, play with and post wine images and then brainstorm on paper, around and about them.

When the morning started Jackie insisted I go with him to the backyard to inspect the downed umbrella, that was actually taken from the table, out of that little hole and thrown a few feet to the left of it.  While outside I noticed the reality of the morning air and how clean the morning was post-wind, how all the tree aromas and other terrestrial scents were everywhere, all encouraging my senses.  I then though of how there’s no coffee in the house and how the air’s feel would pair perfectly with coffee.  So we were off.  Now Jackie sits on the couch watching his new Spiderman cartoons that I bought him the other night after Alice’s and my dinner outing, now I sip.. think about my wined businesses, and how I DO want more than one– diversify in my wined leaps– maybe a wine writing workshop.. that’d be interesting.. but where would I hold it?  For the brainstorming eventual.

Snacking on waffles, 2, imagining the rest of the semester, tomorrow touts and tumbles week 8.  Have to check account bala–  No more saying what I will do, only what I AM doing.  I look over at Jackie on the couch while I work and he stretches.  “You like your cartoons, buddy?” I ask — “Yeah, superhero one!” he blares.  I’m holding to these Sundays off, a way for me to get writing done, and some grading maybe but I could wake early tomorrow and do that–  Yeah, right, famous last words from an adjunct.

So much to wine and so much to my story with it.. so I develop on what I have, the familiarity I find myself in with wine.  Met a guy yesterday whose dad owns a wine shop, or wine brokerage rather, up in Cloverdale, and his father started the business after leaving from someone else’s similar-model.  And now he’s been in business for well over 10 years.  Nearly 15, to be truthful.  I’ll research them and– no, no more saying what I will do.. just know that today is all about brainstorming, organizing, planning, setting money aside for the growth of mikemadigancrEATive…

This morning, all in resounding syncopation with my mood, optimistic and eager to see the Road, travel for and to new wines and wine stories– and that’s what I have to remember, what brought me to the wine world and industry.. the stories, all the stories that people, the owners and winemakers, can’t wait to share.  And now I share mine, the wined storyteller, sharing and showing everything that I see and feel in Sonoma, and if I venture outside to Napa, all recorded, all documented.  Honesty and visuality.  And all for and about wine.