Writing freely

for the next few minutes or so, Yulupa SBUX.  About to upload something to client’s blog, thenIMG_7875 off to RRV.  Picking up one more class for Fall, and that makes 4, and there I stop.  May have one more client as well, feeling rather positive about this particular prospect, but we’ll see.  I’m not letting a single thing or moment or person stress me today.  I’m moving slower as Dad advised, and not letting myself move so quick.  Need to get in a run either tonight or tomorrow.  Thinking tonight, but I’m not sure.  Let’s see what the story suggests and not think about it so much, so excessively and obsessively.  Would love to have the entire day to write and plan my semester, but.. what.. what am I thinking, what is this writer going to lever next, leverage with my own priorities and businesses– oh!  While here I need to finally type one of those poems for the collection, for ‘Mike Madigan, Author’, as I have it “in the cards” (an mmc office expression).  When my daughter arrives, her father will be busy and writing and successful in something he in motion set.

9:02, should get ready for early departure, go across the street to the drug store and get some comp books for my classes, keep everything separate and organized, and remember “less is better”.  Indeed.

Can’t rush-type these poems I have in the yellow spiral book.  I’ll start a new one here, or maybe type some short ones for the collection, showing readers that I’m always here at the keys with words and observations and critiques of the pattern, the expected, the conforming urge of people today, to post and “follow”– hate that word more than I have time to express.  I write with my babies in mind, how they’ll read me when in college or when able to read this type of prose and shape some individualized conception of it, and of me, their reading style.

Computer moving slow and I’m not caring, feels lovely really.. and flying an aloft flight that I haven’t before.  Can’t wait to taste the wines today with my new Zen sense, not caring and just being a consumer, one writing and teaching 4 classes and with his own business.  Yes, the cards.. where are my business cards?  I’ll order them tonight, promised.

Photo uploaded, now I can post to client blog.  Large man standing in front of me eating a breakfast sandwich, taking a bite then walking back to counter.  I’ve seen him here before, with obvious attitude and entitles disposition.  He sits next to me with two coffee drinks and his sandwich, ‘nother bit, then a woman sits with him, she on her phone talking still and he clears space for her on table, she still talking and he’s bothered so another bite.

And me, I’m just coffined in my Zen, loving all the moments and chords in the song playing into my ears, onto the sensory drums.  Today will be lovely.  Today will gift me peace, compassion, more love than I know how to handle.  And I’ll keep writing.