note, 8/15/15

0833 getting ready for work.  Fall Semester on the adjunct’s brain but I have to get into winery character.  More than likely will take the day tomorrow or leave early to get my headstart.  Lectures and lessons and– how am I going to make this work for the campus I just added?  Stop, breathe, think, plan.. get Comp Books for each class, and go from there, know where everything is, note-wise, and continue with the pedagogy you’re familiar and comfortable with.. Drive to Solano on Monday, before SRJC classes– no, can’t.. so when do I plan and ready for that?

I’ll be up late tonight, I feel, but don’t fear, in my planning and readying for the coming week.  And if I start the Solano group with something, it’ll be just ideas and writings, while waiting for the books to arrive.  Upstairs for day’s character sake, then the drive, but not before coffee.  Everything has to be scheduled, and everything has to be written.. so, semester notes, for Monday.

1PM/3PM section — Have them write, go over books, get used to researching, telling their story and taking into account their story.  And share with them the story is not always guided by the character, often it’s the story that steers.