8/8/15 morning

Going to post my wined-rant against the university and colleges later for not giving me that class but anyway I’m up, not like I was yesterday pounding out three full pages before 5-whatever AM, but I’m up and watching my son play while I finish a piece for client 1.  My mood is volatile and I need to be writing more, waking early and earlier with more frequency and drinking coffee right now.. in fact, I’ll make some of that putrid packaged stuff Alma made me, ignore how uncomfortable the energy is from it.  So into the coffee I go and I aim to leave work early to work on mmc, more heartily.. and that I need do as well.  I feel scattered this morning.  Cluttered and scattered.  And I don’t like it at all.. the only cure is writing, and marketing my business, and taking on as many clients as I can.. getting all my hours devoted to writing and writing for clients, getting more into their stories..  Need to post to client 2’s blog!  So much to do, just be organized, be methodical.. no wine tonight, stay focused.. yesterday a bit of a doozy as I started tasting in the morning meeting then throughout the day with at the food & wine experience (which I could write about for days, watching Chef Tim cook), the the Mendo Ridge I took home from work.  Not aim on satisfying the state of drunkenness, or even getting technically drunk, just impacted by the wine, which slows the writer and minces my concentration which I hate and can’t afford with my daughter only 19 weeks out, perhaps less..

Angrier than angry with my alma-mater, but I have to let it go, never count on these schools or anything in education to support my family.. the writing and the wine world and the handle I establish with and on it will provide my family’s elevated quality of life.  So now.. coffee.. more thoughts on the day and me leaving early to go to downtown Healdsburg, where I’ll probably stop by client 2’s tasting room, do a little writing in the back or something.. something.. I should never say that but know exactly what it is I want to write.  Always.