type 1

I try this new coffee I was gifted, and I’m not as about its character as I have been in other go-rounds with coffee types.  I wake this morning with the vineyard images still entirely in my vision and more than just ‘in my head’.  And maybe now the flavor of this new coffee grows on me.  Would I have it in the office?  uh…  not sure.  But I will entertain it later I’m sure in one of my typing riles.

This morning I consolidate, and focus myself further as a writer.  Have a couple housecleaning tasks for the mmc shop–  Student this morning, or former student, texted me a picture of a guy next to her on a train either to or from Italy and the book he set down in front of him.  A Kerouac ms, which one I can’t remember but I student expressed that, after being on her Camino Walk for the past 5 weeks or so, or maybe longer, that she can’t get away from Mr. Kerouac.  I know I need travel, and I know it’s on its way, soon, my hustle if you will shall put me in other states and countries and show me and my story dimensions that only this opportunity could’ve.  And I’ll work harder as a writer and write more than any writer out there and each sentence I type or scribble will be released… so…..  I start again, for the whateverth time.

The coffee isn’t that bad actually.  Wish I could stay home, work on student papers and write some lectures for the end of the Summer term and for the Fall which I’m very much looking forward to.

Jackie plays next to me, with his cars and some coins he took from my work bag.  And the day is off, the ‘Mike Madigan, Author’ person is at work, what he would or is doing, in his perfect-ing world.  And whatever the day holds can only contribute.

Month new, habits more decorous.