8:55, clocking in,

SBUX office, Yulupa.. to work.. first emails, then proposal for morrow, or general ideas, freewrite on mmc.. and go…..

Break from pitch I’m writing.. now research.. business and brand-building, storytelling.. love mornings IMG_7081like this.. still have to write the MOCK SOMM piece.. so much to do and I love it, the chase and the hunger and the Life I feel now, what I’ve been waiting for since the first job I had at that Belmont Market, bloody Lunardi’s.  Did I spell it right?  Couldn’t give less of a shit.

MS article posted.  And yes ‘MS’ is for MOCK SOMM, not Master Sommelier, obviously, but I was thinking about getting my certification, see how far I get.  And why not?  Just for fun.  I don’t need it of course, and it somewhat goes agains my entire approach to wine, I just want to see how far I can get, how “sophisticated” my palate really is–

Have to send another email, see what’s what.. should research prospect’s site a bit, offer 3 points for expansion.. and I already have fiery ideas.. so let’s see.  This morning has been more than fruitful.  Have to leave this Yulupa office at 11, one hour from this second, head home and clean a bit, plan day’s remainder, go to store with Alice for food and supplies for Friday’s party, where we find the character form of M2.  So excited, you have no idea.  And yes I want a girl, but if we had a boy I’d be just as joyous.  As long as the little Beat is healthy and happy, I couldn’t care less what color the cupcake’s center asserts.

10:47– near departure time.  Done with coffee.  Looking forward to a meditative drive home after this intensely crEATive morning.  Don’t think I have time for a run, and that’s fine, I need to relax, meditate and calm and calculate.

In the adjunct office, and I want to write and grade and listen to my music but I can’t keep my hands off these pistachios!  And the cold sparkling water, plain, it pairs with.  Today has been more than productive.  More than merely a ‘busy day’.  Not a drop of wine tonight as I’ll study and prep for the morrow’s meeting and some other projects associated with mmc, and then maybe I’ll get to bed.  Maybe.  I’m a-mile-a-Mike-minute today.

At 5 I stop writing, only grading and prep for class.. in fact no, that’s now.  Will write when back home, maybe.. so much for the writer to do and consider and plan.  I’m a student again, planning and calculating what my grade might be.

Did a little writing for client, now I switch modes to English Professor– Professor Mike.  Here.  At table.  Putting laptop away.  In just a minute.  Have to switch characters– but it’s hard, so difficult for a writer like me who can’t turn it off.  UGH!  How does my wife stay married to me?