Busy, busy

Day.  Indeed.  Worked quite fiercely with mmc ideas, making new contacts and a couple other movements.. now it’s after 5PM.  Don’t think I’m running tonight, nor tomorrow morning.  Rather, I’ll open something else to review– OH!  Have to post the Handley Chard review…  Will do that tonight.  MUST!

IMG_7015Missing little Kerouac, and not so much missing working, or even the classroom.  Love the students and the act of teaching but I’m sure mmc will give me everything I want.  Looking up office designs and layouts for Creative businesses.. want ideas, and I want my office to be the most support office of Creativity anywhere on EARTH!  And I’m not kidding!  Of course I’m not kidding.. why would I be kidding.  Why’d I say that.  Going mad.  But a good mad.  The Kerouac-type mad.. love.

Bought more coffee at the store, more medium roast and a cinnamon latte kind I think I’ve had before.  Whatever.. there’s coffee in it so it’s good, great for my morning writes..

Plan in my head.. not going to write it.  I know it’ll stick so I’ll let it ferment in my thinking.. texted my friend Tanya an idea, see what she says.  A beer sounds lovely right now.  Oh, and I have to be at work tomorrow at 9 for some meeting.  A meeting which I’m sure won’t accomplish much but at least it’ll provide some material for the Massamen novel, and other ideas.. one day my own tasting bar?  A tasting bar/wine shop?  Maybe.. one day.  Back to research…..