That One

6:49 and up with coffee and writing and thoughts of the novel and mmc.. always going, and that’s what this blog shows, and if people get annoyed with my consistency, then I apologize, but I won’t stop as I can’t, at all.  Ever.

Short thoughts from novelized mind and just keeping going and changing the state of affairs for the writer, voracity re-instituted and constituted..just a writer helping people with writing, businesses, and helping himself.

Closer to departure for day, intended to be the most smoldered episode of the week.  Class tonight– oh!  Need my Sedaris book!

1,613 words so far.  Over a thousand to Massamen novel, and a 550+ word letter to a friend.  Into my mocha, and thinking about how hot it will be today and how I want no part of that heat.  Who I have to call and what I need to do to grow mmc.  My perception, becoming encouraged, and with these writing nights I have ahead of me, I’ll dive into the novel like I never have– writing till 1 or 2 or 3.. then sleeping in till 8-something as I’ll have the Autumn Walk base to myself, and live like a writer with more focus that any writer out there.  And that’s what I’ll be and how I want to be see– no, how I AM and how soon everyone will see me: the hardestworking writer in the world.  Always writing.  Writing for himself and his clients and just living by and from and within words.

Very much feel the run, those 7.1-whatever miles I did on the treadmill yesterday afternoon.  The PinotIMG_6984 tasted better last night that the eve prior, and the Chard, that stainless Handley beauty, perfect for a warm evening in Sonoma.. the fantasy becoming MY reality.. have to call a prospective client, my sister’s friend, who owns a lovely little shop in Marin; purses and clothes and accessories of an artisanal tune..  I think businesses are fascinating, how owners shape them vs how they take on a life and mind of their own..  I’ll call her on the drive up to RRV.  And just think about what I could do for her; more of that story that narration, more visual, more showing how people come in and see her spot as a destination within a destination (SF Bay Area, as I’m sure she gets hit with her fair share of tourists..).  That’s right, I remember thinking about her and her shop last night while having that last glass of Pinot in the kitchen.  I’ll finish this sitting and go outside and give her a call.  Hate talking while I drive.  Always so encumbering and annoying and anymore disruptive.  When I’m on River Road, then Wohler, then Westside, I just want to enjoy, relax, observe..

Picture from yesterday, hug cluster of either Chard or Pinot, I’ll admit I don’t know.  Struck me, still strikes the writer, the fruition involved and how the weather it treats.. just a story on top of a story.. intimate and truthful, full of imagining and dreaming of how that cluster will taste once in the glass.  So I still write.