Monday Incidentals

IMG_6832Jackie coughing, me sleeping with him last night and I’m surprised with how well I slept!  So I’m declaring a total Creative War on this Monday, this morning.  Jack will be staying home from school as Cathy, the earliest-waking of mother-in-laws, will be coming up to spend the day with the little Beat.  And I still ride quite high from yesterday morning’s run– you should see me now, reader, how quick I type and I haven’t even had a dash of coffee– this is just my intention against this day, to make it the best day possible, to write the two tracks I didn’t yesterday and to give an even more riveting lecture than I did all last week.  And at the winery today I will fly through the grading.  The days where grading would slow me and affect my mood are done, completely.. I’m closer to my office and my wine business.. the media and the publishing, all the wine enjoyment and liveliness that should be in the industry now but isn’t..

I’ll have my grading done by noon, or one at the latest, then I go to writing and planning, and I’ll be on campus at 4:45 or so to WRITE, plan my blogging business more, and think about tomorrow’s running route.. thinking of launching from J’s school and heading into Howarth Park like I used to.. around the lake, or into Annadel.. just be as alive as I can be and charge at my office so that it can’t avoid me…

One of the wines I tasted yesterday had such animation to it, such activity and drama to its forward and beat; I could only sip again, again, then have some water to center myself for the writing– right now Jackie sits next to me on the couch, coughing onto my right forearm.. poor bloke.  Glad he’s staying home and ever-grateful for Cathy’s journey up.

Back hurts slightly from yesterday’s 7.2-something miles.  But I write on and am not slowed, I won’tIMG_6822 be slowed today.. my thesis: to destroy today, this bloody Monday.  And in victoring over today as I scream to, I’ll have more material, and I will be DEMONSTRATIVELY closer to the office, my business.. hoping I land more assignments today through the magazine, but who knows.. Wellness, Wellness, just as my friend Phoebe has built her career on, and I aim for a vocational Wellness, what I do day-to-day and how my children and family see me.. the days of pouring wine near their required end.. soon I’ll be like Mom, just pouring here, there, whenever, just doing so to have fun and not at ALL dependent on the money..

I’m set, like the ’15 fruit in the vineyards, and like so many Philosophers and writers I admire have been in their way and practices.. dishwasher growling and gurgling.. me: shaved, teeth brushed, all I have to do is dress and takeoff.  Waiting for Cathy, patiently, taking this time to think and measure and do what I know I need to do; change the standing and perpetuity of wine in my Story.