10:08, and no wine tonight.

And bed soon.  And a run in the morning.  Early.  Earlier than early.  Alarm set for 4:45.  Going to sleep in running shorts, or have them right at bedside.  I’m just looking to meet time, which is 45 minutes.  I should easily log 5.  I have to do this for myself, and my running, really throw myself back into it.  And I will.  I’m going to.  Tomorrow.

Meant to post something to the teaching blog, but failed to tonight, playing with Jack for just a little as he went to bed, then diner, a couple re-runs of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which Alice and I used to watch all the time only now picking it up again.  And now this free entry.  I don’t even want to be confined by my own column, MOCK SOMM.  I’m just relaxing, enjoying the quiet of the kitchen here and listening to that fridge sings its one note.  And where am I running tomorrow?  Thinking up Hopper and back, something safe as it will be dark, still.  And my knee brace.. where.. oh, upstairs, in my drawer, I think.

I need to start training.  Really training.  For what.  I don’t know.. total Wellness.  More tomorrow.. have to sleep.  Namaste…..