And this morning, well,

I’m quick. I’m motivated and determined and reading and re-reading my post and writing from last night (well, I posted it this morning). No edits, just the post after a quick read. I have to fight this Adjunct War– I have to have a cause, a movement, and I’d be betraying my students if I chose some other path, some other “profession”. I still very much LOVE wine and winemaking and wine tasting (of course), even the industry to an extent. But is that how I wish be seen? Remembered? How many times can I write about a Chardonnay or Pinot or even Cab with new illuminating syllables? Pausing, don’t want to write too much too quick today..
Sent emails to 3 contacts, colleges, see what happens. I’m just thinking, quite logical this morning and not at all emotional. But I have to know precisely what it is I want– and I do, I do!