novel excerpt, from today’s thousand…. (5/27/15)

the noble and all-accepting and caring English Department of the college, won’t. In fact, many of them, the full-timers roaming the hall or just sitting cozy in their over-decorated stuffy office holes won’t blink, acknowledge or even sniff, sniffle. They forgot me when my new-hire papers were processed more than likely. MY nephew reminds me that life is shorter than short and curter than curt, and I just need to build my own, my Self, and what I want to see from life and any kind of “career”. Huh.. career… good luck having one of those as an adjunct, at all down here or at any campus. Just going to teach a couple classes up in Santa Rosa, if they’ll have me, then go from there. And making wine and making wine my path or calling or career, have to plan that, save and write notes to myself on how I’m to sell my story, like the other day at the café, how everything around me had positivity, such life and laughs and smiles. She with her promise, with her target of being a nurse and all the life she propelled from her soft persona and personhood. I have to have that, and maybe ‘that’ means her or a life with her, not sure, but I can’t have that I guess since I’m going back to Sonoma to chase wine and its story or world or whatever– There’s just too much in my head now and I credit and blame this little character, my nephew.. look at him over there, trying to figure out with his little analytical powers what happened to Goofy’s hat? There’s quiet in the room now as he’s deep in study, assembling an understanding of just what he sees. I can only look at him and study his focus, hope I have that before turning 36 in a couple days.. old… old man…

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