This morning I expand upon Composition or the concept of and in. Our submission soon due, we should examine the togetherness of our pieces. Me, for example, starting with Kerouac and his need for the story, the Newness, the exhilaration and the stream of stimuli. But all critical and clinical consideration aside, use what’s around you, your everyday day and routine; you never know where you’ll find “inspiration”. Again, keep your eyes open, always, as writers. I know the view may be a bit extremist, but keep a little notebook with you, and pen, and scribble anything you think you might be able to use.. for example, again, Sal’s need to travel, to take off, to be around Dean.. then parallel that I would with the people I see around me everyday in the line, the coffee shop, on the way to work, some looking exasperatingly miserable. This would leave me considering the truest of true intentions one should have in life. Living vs. existing.. then death…..
I’ve said this several time, and I just want to make sure it echoes with you all: REACH with you ideas, don’t dismiss any of them as ‘crazy’– if they are crazy then they’re worth writing down. Dismiss or embrace later.. just write it down.. stay in your scribbles and thinking. The end of the semester is just a couple doors down, not “around the corner”. Composition is about innovation and the writer believing in their ideas and propelling them to page. It’s more than a silly course title. And there’s nothing theoretical about Composition. It’s altogether actual, and right before us all. And it refuses to halt, so we shouldn’t either.

On a note utterly separate, who’s writing for themselves.. any sketches, stories, poems? Let me know!