10:12. So twelve

minutes late to my journal.  Just uploaded, or posted, or “published” as the hosting site reassures me, the lecture for 1B.  Thought I wouldn’t make it through the 1A lecture this morning, tired from run yesterday very much, so here at home I hit another cup.  Have some waffles, as well, some of Jackie’s which means I’ll have to go to store for replenishment.  The run yesterday taught me to push myself but also to understand there will be consequences for doing so.  But they’re results I’m fine with, proud of, thriving in.

But this coffee isn’t working, so it deserves no more address in this entry.  Have to go look at a Windsor home then visit a winery then write some more (post for 1A), then go for walk to get this soreness out of legs, esp. leg left, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something– oh yes, pick up little Kerouac.  Nice.

And now.. looking at clock as all adjuncts do.  I’m sure other professors do, the full-timers, but not like us.  It looks different to me this day; more pressing and insistent and energized in its mission.  Baldwin’s right, Time’s the enemy.  And if not an enemy then a harsh propellant, or motivator; coach dictator bastard therapist.

I still feel tired, and I’m trying to wake myself up since this cup is as useless as an unacknowledged gravel stone.  And now.. I stare at the page like so many do, refusing to write, refuse to move, refusing to be useful.  Second round of waffles ready, 2, and I think about everything I have to do.. the list that keeps growing.  Swell, I think.. and regret.  The writing, dominating, as I didn’t write this morning in the adjunct office, staying home a little longer to be with Jack.  No regrets, just a reshaping of day’s development.