Home from 1B and looking at Windsor house. Had leftovers from last nights meeting and BBQ at Arista. Now a nap, though I don’t see myself sleeping much as too many ideas antagonize me.. idea for a website, a writing/blogging community.. about wine and art and writing and parenting, running… LIFE!!! We’ll see.. going to try to sleep but these ideas are aggressive, like few if any I’ve before had.. what do I do what do I do?? Put the laptop down (didn’t intend on taking it out, firstly).. ugh, I’m a mess.. Mikey-a-Mess, call me. Okay.. sleep… Attempt 1…..
note: need a new laptop, but no money, need additional funding, but how and where and soon/how?

-go through photos, play with them.. crop and re-color, then write..