Grading done.

On Spring Break, much a break as it is for the adjunct. And I have so much in rotation.. so take something out. Realized I can’t commit to 3 pages a day with Massamen Novel.. not till ‘Forced Avarice’ is done. ‘Quarry Swing‘ after that. Two books. Then, Massamen… I’ll read 10 pages a day, at least, so I’ll have it, ‘Avarice’, done in 30 days– well, a little more actually, but you see my point. And just contribute to this log, this diary of my adjunct’d days. Tomorrow in RRV, pouring, tasting, noting what I find in the Pinot characters. No wine tonight for me, gladly. Have to fit in a run tomorrow, and I mean HAVE TO.
Sleep soon. Praying I wake around 5 for a Hemingway session, look out at the dark just in front of me and only have this laptop’s light. Still with motion from the day’s lectures.. love the feeling that I connected with the students on some powerful level. Maybe it’s a bit of self-deception peppered with a couple blinks of reality, but I don’t know and I don’t care as I’ll take it; the day and the feeling and the looks they gave while I offered my words.