6:20AM… Been up with

J for a while.  Posted to teaching blog and let students know through emailed note.  Bringing GRE study guide, notebook and a couple texts to work, as I was urged to do so, in the event it’s slow.. Bringing Moveable Feast and ‘Road’– or ‘Sur’.. and my thesaurus.  Want to get 500 words into the ‘Grim’ paper.  And I will today, bringing it to 1000 words.  I’m shooting for the neighborhood of 7k, to note for Self.

Done with first cup and I already need another, thinking of this Road ahead of me, back to grad school, advancing my career as a Professor.. doing what I’ve envisioned since the last year at Serra.  Also bringing the Plath entries, so I’ll touch on 3 authors in today’s 500+.  When in Jackie’s room this morning, laying and stretching in his bed while he played and read books and showed me how Teddy can jump up to the ceiling, I thought of MY topic as a writer, Human, teacher…  And the PhD pursuit, especially after talking to that lady yesterday, is further stapled in my track of collective intention.  And the only hurdle for me, in applying, is that goddamn test.  But I won’t let myself doubt, nor will I allow a low score..  I will heavily depend on the writing and the assertive color of my analytical prose, but the score will see the might of Mike Madigan, as will the admissions department, wherever I go.