Haven’t posted a

thing to the blog today, cost of allday grading.  Not letting this happen again, ever.  Now on, 20 items graded, everyday.  And if there’s no grading to be charged through, then I write lectures.  Always in the mode of educator/writer…  Tomorrow’s set to be a bit stressful, but not if I manage it appropriately.  After 1A, come straight home and attack 1B pile.  And after 1B, WRITE.  Post profusely to blog and then keep writing.  Now, I’m tired, exhausted by all I’ve read, and the quality of some submissions.  It’s fine.. it’s early in term and I look forward to those struggling, or maybe afraid to write well, or write what they think of or see in a book like Kerouac’s.

Bag ready, clothes downstairs, even have a spare toothbrush and toothpaste in downstairs bathroom to further and speed up my slow morning movements.  Just breathe, I tell mySelf, breathe…  Not sure what to write.  How tired I am, how frustrated with myself that I was grading all day and didn’t, or haven’t stuck to my 20-a-day grading strategy.  Tomorrow’s new, and I can restart, new character with new habits.