I’m getting deeper into politics as I never before have with this midterm election and Mr. H.S. Thompson. I know my interests and passions fluctuate, but maybe this is the last turn into a new interest. Maybe this is it for me. I don’t find wine to be anything but a hobby, yes fun, but just a hobby, fashionable. And that’s all it will be. I will never take it as seriously as these other industry goons who stress over inventory and scheduling and wages and budgeting. When you see how poorly a winery is run it really opens your eyes as one working int that industry. So for me, now, it’s politics. But can I be indifferent as a political journalist, again, if that’s the path I want to take. What I find interesting about politics, especially American politics, is the polarized nature of it, and how Democrats and Republicans only hear what they want, and many times become so buried in their beefs that they forget their pledge to serve the American people and the people of their district. I do support Obama but he is not absolved or blameless in this transaction, but that’s too much for me to get into at the moment. I’m just tasting politics the same as a guest tastes through a flight of wines at the estate. NOTE: I should write Jenn, my sister in law, about these elections. As I understand it, she’s a consultant on the hill… Yes, I’ll write her a letter after the 11AM class.

12:02PM. Letter sent to Jen, now I wait for response. And she’s swamped, I’m told by my mother-in-law through messages, text, we exchanged when I asked for her, Jen’s, email. The more I look into politics and the forces behind elections and the candidates the more addicted I get, “fall” is really the word I should use. The Republicans surely seem to be lining up for presidential bids and preparations more than the democrats. But I’m not sure this has too much significance, not yet anyway. And after all the investigation I’m doing, which isn’t much, I could be doing more, the Republicans seem to be determined to dominate everything from House to Senate and White House. And with this CNN article I’m reading, about what 2016 GOP hopefuls will be doing election night, how they will network either way, stay in touch with each other and make calls whether candidates lose or wine, I find interesting. It’s the organization of politics, the execution and certain aftermaths that make a politicians life one without any sleep or caesura. Now, I wait to leave. That’s it. No students will be coming to office hours, no surprise. And I need to make a checklist of things to do tomorrow: -car -grade -submit 1 piece, somewhere -edit and print whoso That’s good for now. Tomorrow has to see from me a level and pulse of productivity that I’ve never put into action. And how will I do that? Get a headstart tonight, and a little today; no wine only decaf and wake early, at Cathy hour. I can do that.