12:33PM.  And slowly editing and re-reading whoso.  There was another adjunct in here with me, for a short time but she’s now gone.  Need coffee.  I’ll get it at the JC.  Today’s a day of progress and getting writing out there, like tomorrow will be but this is my headstart.  I know that’s supposed to be 2 words but I’m not in the mood to edit.  Drive, the drive…  Just ahead.  And I’m slowing with my words, approaching the inert.  So I can take a break, right?  Sure.

Find some HST books at the JC along with journalism books, and journalism theory and political theory– don’t get ahead of yourself..

Feeling critical of Self and doubtful.. why.  Don’t know.  But I can’t let myself be a  failed writer, and I won’t.. so the curiosity of politics I’m feeling today I’ll follow through with but in tempered shuffles.  No rushing and no scattering.  Keep it in and on journal.  Done with my coffee, hearing more adjuncts and full-timers talk about student essays, mocking and joking and criticizing.  They recently had a centering session here in the department of six hours, reading student placement essays and placing the students appropriately.  I don’t want that to be my life’s work, or to be even a day of what I do.  So…  I write for my life, now more than ever.  And I will follow through with whoso, I will not give up or surrender or ditch the project or my fellow writers.  Never.  So now that that’s settled, I’m shifting towards the 1A groups…  2:49, leaving for room.  Coffee done.  Think I’m ready.

3:33PM, and they’re dismissed, with all their due dates and instruction.  Think I’m going to make the creative writing assignment optional.. yes, definitely.  So I’ll tell the 6PM-ers and let the other sections know on Wednesday.  And I don’t want to have to grade another bloody essay.  There, so that’s resolved.  The group room I always used to write in, occupied, by a group, students supposedly studying.  And I’m here in the corner, typing, thinking of my next move– completing “His Beer” or just continuing to write in this journal.

I’m too scattered as a writer, I know, but what do I do?  Okay, follow facts, journalism and what’s actually an actuality, that’s it.  Planted in the library with over two hours to write and I couldn’t be more pleased, frankly.  And tomorrow, all tomorrow, for me.  But remember: the early wake, a must.  No slipping this time.. “Deadlines, Mikey!”

This bag, too heavy.  I have too much with me.. something to change.. from now on, this laptop stays home!  AND, only one slot in workbag used.  Travel lightly, like journalists should, do, would, have.  This daylight savings, throwing me for.. I don’t know if I’d say a loop, but something.  Time to read, the NTY I bought on Sunday, or the New Yorker issue I’ve barely touched.  And don’t note, don’t write, just observe and retain, enjoy the thought plain.