Day nearly done. And I’m exhausted. Between classes at SRJC. Starving as I haven’t had time to eat. How is it August 20th already? Mind spinning, thinking I should eat the salad I brought, put it in this 2nd floor Emeritus fridge, but I have to keep with the types. Happy with my lecture notes and with how all classes have so far gone. Think I’ll show some of that Kerouac documentary, the one I posted a link to on the blog. I don’t know. Maybe the second half of class.. yes. Should go into the room and make sure the tech works, definitely, as I don’t know how many riles I’ve had with campus devices and systems, from the computers to the phones and everything else with a bloody button.
Wonder if I received my letter from Dav yet. Hard to hold attention so hungry. Breaking to eat salad then rush to room. -5:15, 8/20/14