With this day, writing in morning, run after work; 6.2. And now I’m here, planning, typing on the floor of the bottom floor while Alice battles little K to go to sleep. Tomorrow, day2. And I still have some more planning to do but I’m more or less prepared. I’ll be assigning the first chapters to ‘Road’ tomorrow. Luckily, I won’t be rushed to copy any syllabi or print anything, so that’ll dismiss any potential stress, much unlike day1. I’ll be bringing my laptop so I can keep with the novel and rope-around-neck it to completion and revisit the typings from Spring semester. The two terms of 2014 will make the novel. SO this I guess would be the last nudge, these 18 or 19 weeks.
Have to follow Glenn’s suggestion of breaking these sittings up, print the smaller pieces.

9:12PM. Twelve hours from now, I’ll be in class, waiting. Can’t write here, frustrating.. house too quiet. I’ll use my Mendo office space to type whorishly, print as well, soon as I find out how..
Each day of this term needs to be its own story, exploit, emprise…