Busily Adorned

Coffee, just getting colder. And me, needing something to seek in this library. Some curiosity to follow. I’m going back to my city, mon Paris. I want to know everything about it before my return.. everything. Yes, starting with the language, but the streets, the cuisine.. the galleries, the traditions, or customs.. what they do, how they were hundreds of year ago, during the Revolution and after. Everything about it.. “It”… Ma ville.

And now my coffee’s completely cold. Can always get another… Can’t believe Week 17’s over for me, after the ‘100’ class. Time, with its collected victories, slowing me. but not if I have more coffee. Love the word, even, COFFEE. Synonymous with us, Artists… I’d sip my espresso in the Montmartre quarter, and have no worries, neither minuscule nor massive.

This library, becoming busier, much more traffic, and less studying, more talking, laughing. I don’t want to present mySelf puritanically, but it should be quiet in here, especially for writers– See? I am just selfish. Now, noise at my 12, and from the girls at 3 o’clock. Need air, but the fresh nature has faded as my story’s day ages.

This morning, walking from the C Lot to my building.. quiet, clean, welcoming, all from the low 50s air to the sprinklers for the large lawn bordering Mendocino Avenue. I just wanted to stand there and watch the sprinkler in their typewriter sounds, encouraging me to write while not writing, ‘just observe’ they told me. But had to go. To class. But the students rewarded me with Literature, their stories, printed to page.. their candied novelettes.

Should I take a French class in Fall? Hmm… Then I could truly be a student again. Learn the Language with noted, documented progress.. what better way to feel alive and free than through matriculation, studying precisely what you want. French, Literature… History, Philosophy… A puzzle assembled for me, now I can put it together. And my budget: $0.00. I will not but a single book, nor register for a single class. I will educate mySelf, as I always have. -5/7/14, 10:27AM