4/28/14.  Came home, but I have to immediately leave.  When I return, I’ll more than likely nap for a bit.  Still very much feeling the run yesterday.  I did talk with Department Admin and Chair about classes, they’ll contact me later.  And, they told me there were plenty of 1A’s and 5’s.  And 1B’s.  So I’m not worried till I have to be.  Need another coffee.  Just straight black, no mocha.

Had a chance to write 2 standalone poems, submittable, this morning, in conference room while waiting for Chair to arrive.

Realizing again how short Life is.  Sending writings out, and I don’t care about the results.  I’m writing to write–

I’m writing

to be


12:58PM.  Home.  And found Marin rejected my app.  And I couldn’t care less.  Not letting mySelf take a nap.  Need to write, finish the book, Self-publish.. send out the certain selected standalones.  Listening to music, sipping some sparkling berry water to keep me awake.  Too annoyed to take a nap, that’s for sure.  Should print the poems I wrote this morning– speaking of.. wonder if they’ve emailed my teaching assignments yet.  Checking…  No.  Even more annoyed.  These institutions, putting these negotiated frameworks around courses, material, what’s meant–or supposed to–enrich the student.  I feel a possible conflict with academia coming, one I’ll wage, one even more vicious and precise than what I’ve projected towards wine’s flabby carnivorous industry.

The music I’m listening to, with its Indian chords and entrancing percussion, calming me.  But I have work to do.. submissions to send out.  I can’t afford to be calm, that’ll put me in a complacent state.  Coffee’s starting to sound like the required ring for me to continue in the day’s sing.  Yes, I’ll brew downstairs.

Run later, up the Fountaingrove slopes.  Yesterday’s run with Carmen, fading in evidential echoes, thankfully.  Don’t think the elevated edges’ll be much a problem for the writer.

Looking through these Literary magazines, I find only reasons not to submit right away.  “Reading periods”, “type” of writing they’re looking for.. “featured” writers…  Maybe it’s just my mood.  Sure it is.  Well, if you want to Self-publish Mike you’d better do it already!  Quite tired of my habits.  Start the publishing label and get on with it!

Typed one of the two poems from earlier.  Starting to settle down, but, again, I’m not sure that’s a good idea.  The bed’s right there, waiting for me to nap.. bloody thing.  1:18P, I’ve lasted this long.. so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.  Writing, music, sipping something.. water or coffee.

Just had an idea– but I’m rejecting it.  Was to publish 10 poems, but how would that sell.  Nevermind.  Mr. Kerouac’s books at right, on bed.  Taking them off…  On desk with me now.  Would love to do some reading, but I have to write.  Balance to walk, makes me fall.. so I need coffee.  A coffee break in this home office space.  Love this freedom, more than the sky covers our streets, forests, deserts, ponds.