This morning, melodies over melodies. Writing, ready for departure already, 6:41AM. My little Artist, rested and fed. Rain, wine thoughts. And C——, back on my pages. Yesterday’s blending trial, so interesting. And yes, I will make wine this vintage. I will. I have her to thank for that, speaking to her Author yesterday and this morning. The fruit, where I’ll get it.. I’ll figure it out. Thinking Kunde, like ’12. But where I’ll store it.. not sure. Not going to do 60 gal.. thinking 30. So I’ll expect 9-11 css. Which is fine with me. Which varietal? Grenache? Malbec? Cab? I think Cabernet.. always wanted my own Cab. 100%. And I’ll top with Cab juice from other lots. Zach and Blair have been more than generous with everything, since I started in June ’12. So I expect to get some topping juice, Cab, from other blocks on the property, at a tag quite gentle.  -4/25/14