10:13AM.  Ready for next class.  Finally quite caught up, for the most part, on classwork.  Finished my 3-shot mocha that I just bought, in the school café.  More than plentiful energy about me.  Tomorrow, back at work which I’m not thrilled about–  Wait, it’s my PTO day!  Never mind…  No word from FT apps.  Not sure what to think.. this is what I mean, though.  I should just depend on my writings, my submission.  After ‘100’, I’m going to straight home– well, first Fleet Feet for running schedule, but home right after–  Then, submitting 3 different poems, to 1-3 publications.  Want everything I write to be a submittable MS.  And it is.  I don’t need to wish.

10:17AM.  How long will this session go, of 100?  Well, I’ll be passing back their first papers, and some other materials.  Then, talking about Glass Castle, how the book ended, what they think, if their ideas changed…  Just want to see where they are before we start writing the second paper.  And, with terribly wonderful forethought, I disclosed the rubric on the handout, which we can get into in the discussion that will surely follow its distribution.  But that makes me think, a bit off-topic: that if I can write up this essay prompt, and it is creatively drawn, I will say, copy it, then distribute it–or submit it[!!]–so easily and obligatorily to students, why can’t I be in the same practice with my writing?  See, I view this, teaching–the grading, the assignments, the constant maintenance–as a job, something I have to do.  Why can’t I do the same with my writing?  I don’t need to wish!  I bloody can!


10:21.  The caffeine fades, and I become much more equalled.  I wonder if there’s a guided run today, or if it’s simply at our volition.  Either way, I want to run.  And I need to be better about logging them, outside a prose entry– like with a tally, so I don’t have to dig through paragraphs to see what I did.  It’ll be raining, more than likely, when I go out later for my jaunt.  Good.  I want varying atmosphere, the difference; the mix of scenic MSS.

Time to put Self into an instructing, professing character.  I’m prepared, which is a boon.  But then what?  Want the class to start writing, start their initial steps in developing a case around the Walls book.  That’s what today will be about.. the writing, her writing, and what happens when we blend the two.


4:24PM.  Went for run, into Annadel/Spring Lake zone, got a bit turned around, wound up running 8.01 in 1 hour, 6min, 56 sec.  Wound up in Howarth Park, where I stopped.  Walked home, which I believe tallies another two miles.  Rained the entire time.  For most of the run, as well.  But only lightly on run.  I watched the small drops sluggishly tap the water surfaces of the creeks.  Wish I could testify to the beauty of the forest’s quiet, but no.  Had my music rotating, but that’s what kept me moving.  Would have hit 10 miles, as I wanted, but the right knee began to speak, just as it used to on past runs.  Stopping was the wise move.

When home, I made three pieces of last night’s pizza disappear with impressive momentum.  My device said I burned something like 913 calories.  If that’s accurate and true, then it would certainly explain the remaining, standing, hunger I feel as I type this.  I’m sipping a Passion Fruit & Mango juice drink, slightly carbonated.  It helps me forget how famished I am, sort of.  Maybe I should have one of the beers I just bought.  While in check-out, I saw the couple next to me had all these fruits, grains, frozen veggies, then a boxed wine; Cabernet.  No judgement, I just thought it was interesting.  Didn’t know those were still made, that people bought them.  Again, just interesting.  Had to note it.  (3/3/14)