Glasses On, Gloves Off

Up from 3 hour nap.  Needed.  Book for Spring, well into its composition, development, stabilization.  The story has to be put onto paper, this semester.  I’m sipping a Wild Raspberry juice rather than something with caffeine.  My coffee from downstairs, notably.  Don’t want to force mySelf into awakeness.  Would rather it just naturally fly onto the branch.

Glad I decided not to go to a café to write.  Don’t think I would have been able to even if I’d wanted to, honestly.  I needed sleep.  And now that I have it, I’m recharged.  But I’m without anything to write, I feel.  The day’s done.  I have to go pickup Jackie from Lisa’s, with Alice.  Maybe then I’ll have a mocha, small.  Need some kind of jolt…


Poetry, falling behind on the project that goes till the 4th.  I’ll catch up tonight.  Read some Kerouac excerpts today, from those numbered meditations.  Interesting way of writing, I’ve always found his work.  Not sure I write in that way, but I’m starting to think I should try, just to have some centralization to my random thinkings.


At winery tomorrow.  No doubt it’ll be dead.  I’ll bring something with me to work on.. something…  Like…..  Not sure.  I find myself at a weird calm in the room here, at this cluttered desk.  Very much relieved I’m not in any coffee whirlwind.  Want this clutter off my desk, but where do I bloody put it?  I don’t think there’s any room in the closet, and I blame the bloody wine bottles.  Maybe I should give some away, to my neighbors, Jen and Luke.  I’m sick of wine, frankly.  On loads of levels, so yes, I’ll be a gifter.  Maybe even starting tonight.

Rain.. hopefully this week, but all we can do is watch those useless predictions on the news, or just hope more.  Hope, hope.. and complain.


Ugh.. these wine bottles.  Away they go.  Do you want any, reader?  If so, find me, and they’re yours.  All of bloody them!