500 words, into chapbook.  Narration, my latest fancy, after seeing that Jack Kerouac interview.  Telling my story.  And what is it?  Obsession, aim, passion.. all WRITTEN.  About to finish my 3rd cup this morning.  Praise the coffee, the writer’s coffee, his relationship with it.  Leaving for the city in a couple hours.  Quite excited.. all the characters, commotion down there.  Arming Self with two journals: newJournal, then the little pages.  Tempted to run again this morning, five more miles to garnish last night’s dash, but I think I’ll pass.  Don’t want to stress structure too much.

Should probably go to bank, get some cash.  What else do I have to do?  […]  not sure I can think straight with this much caffeine in me.  Breaking.. will write you later, reader.