nouvelle approche

Sipping coffee.  Very much up.  7:24pm– I mean A.M.  Goal for today, 3 tracks, handwritten.  Stepping as a REAL poet/songwriter/journalist/diarist/Artist.  Cold outside.  Well, not really cold, just frigidly cleansing.  WOULD like to get 3PAGES out today, but I’m putting that on burner back.  Only focused on writing more musical.. odd lines, rhymes, the cubist compositions.

Details around me, but not necessarily ones valuable for page.  Need. To.  SEE.  The Road.  And the only way I’ll see it the way I want to is through writing.  Not being some, or SERVING as some, regional/national sales rep, on “trips.” I want to write my way to Road, write about IT when I’m there.  Easy.  Right?

Running later today, early evening.  Mornings are meant for the manuscripts.  And believe, reader, this cup won’t be my only.  I’m set on writing this WHOLE day.. while Jack and I are together [while Alice is at work], then after when I’m running errands, then at café when working on prep for semester, which begins in 14 days.. 2 weeks from this day.  Excited about teaching an afternoon section, the Engl 5 at Petaluma.  Just found the interview with Capote that I read, the one he did with The Paris Review, which I think was done in 1957.  I’ll make copies of it, distribute to students, ask them what he reveals in this exchange with the journalist.

Already tired of typing.  I know, “Then why don’t you stop?” Good question.  Also saw that the Paris Review did interviews with Pablo Neruda and other authors I like.  Wonder if they did one with Hemingway.  Want the first day of class, both for 5 and 1A, to be orientation, yes, but I also want to throw them right into it.  And by “it,” I mean Literature, reading; reading & reacting.  The way I’ll set mySelf apart from these other “professors” is by doing everything different.  But not just for sakes of doing so, to more so excite, engage my students.  I have Stanford to look forward to, and the only way I can honestly assure mySelf I’m on my way is to be consistently innovative with my lectures, lessons, assignments.

Syllabus for English 5 [just going to spell out ‘English’ from now on], significantly moved along.  Keeping it brief.  Saving writing for Lectures, activities, assignments.  Want everything written.  Once semester starts, little if any writing on wine will be done.  And why would I engage with something consumable in my writing when I can revel in works from past iconoclasts.

Time for another cup, I’m thinking.  No– I’m knowing…  There.  Not sure I like this type much as the DARK French Road.  And not just because it’s French–  Well, never mind, yes I favor French flavor, of anything.  Might have to sip this a bit slower, as I’m already shaky.  But maybe that’s a beneficial challenge to the writer, to have something to work through, or against, or with.  Going to search for some Hemingway interviews, could use that in either section, for reference maybe, or to show what other writers do, how they think.  Don’t want my students to become complacent working with their 2 selected authors, that I selected.