8:41am.  No time to write, at all.  Busy yesterday, with ResRoom & SFW event.  New characters, still photos, making me think about place, direction, where I’m going.. how to get to Road, then MY office.  On mountain today.  Need more characters.  Doing Yulupa run today then Lawndale tomorrow.  Slight headache from last night’s wine.  But I only had 2 glasses.. one at winery, other at home.  Odd.  None tonight.  Repeat:  NONE.

Almost done with 3shot mocha Alice bought me.  May need another.  And if they make some cute remark, oh well.  Did manage to scribble a bit of verse at work, yesterday.  That’s when the thoughts on direction, purpose, path really started to materialize.  And certain realities I’m now starting to realize.

Glad I sat to note something.  Felt horrible with thoughts of leaving condo without touching keys.  That’s what I mean by, what I was telling Brian yesterday about, OBSESSION.  Real Artists, especially extremists like me, OBSESS.

Eager for Fall term.  More introductory notes on Authors, for first day.. that’d be a beneficial approach, idea, especially for that first day.  Rumor vs reality, about them…