Sun Knots to Road Blocks

Refuse to stress this morning.  A lot to do, with only a day 2do it.  But I’m not stressing.  This clutter on desk, ignoring it.  Completely.  Off to shave, dress, whatever else.  More living 2day, less



But I don’t want to get


To Living.


Work to be done.  Probably won’t run today, either.  May do the Lawndale run tomorrow–  Oh no, I’m already set to run with Carmen.  Hitting that ground, those bloody hills, viciously hard.

3 pages a day.  My daily, consistent, immovable prompt.  Haven’t started today’s yet.  Really shouldn’t be writing for this devilish blog till I have.  Just looked around, on desk.. not as cluttered as I thought.  Stress, melting away like Egyptian snow.

Think my style MAY be ‘new journalism’.  I think.  Not sold on that tag, genre, or any just yet.  Last sips of this coffee, cold.  Disgusting.

Stay moving–

what I’m telling mySelf.

Sooner, later,

you’ll be on Road.