notes, 3/25/13, A.M.

= no social media distractions today
= full appreciation and observation of wine’s world
= more characters, details (like dirty white towels yesterday, stained in full purple)
= idea for 35 page story release every month.. That could finance the book-length works.. Get me to my island
= 9:05am. Writing in car– well, typing, when I said I’d stop this behavior, using this devil device for my pages. Just took 1st mocha sip. Ready for day..
= video diary idea.. Could be useful. Don’t know till I try.

= want to today to be over. Already. So I can plan these mss.. So I don’t have to take more than 1 class, come fall.. Yes the money would be wonderful, but I’d rather make it writing.
= no wine tonight.. Have to write for tomorrow’s classes.