Drum numb

The sitting, mandatory like headlights on
an abandoned road. Laugh when the
Man implodes. 72 hours of verse. Almost
Broke my poetry prison promise–
Slowed in 3 vision fall-sets.. Grammar
Tangential, dispatch consciousness,
Evidential.. Affirm my acrolect, elect.
Better in line than in mind. I’ll forget,
and refuse to Self abet. Finding irony
In everything like Alanis Morisette.
Speaking faster than Morphed Corvettes–
Stories in papers, reporters abhor me with razors. Thoughts muddy,
Clots bloody.. You’re not mentally strong, silly
Cartoon goon.. Popeye.. Saw you shiver when locked eyes..
Critics quiver, knowing I shot guys
With toxic telegraphs, all consonant.
First Literary economist, pure words obscure–
Hallway reflection, carried to intersection.
Deadened leavened; but still pleasant.
Inhibition cries, but listen, mission lies.