another medal

Stretch my perception– intersect intersections– rigged elections. Did
I fail to mention occupational apprehension.. Where are the jobs? Transfixed my ticket till my vessel
Lifted. Embezzle digits, own atmosphere, a kettle misted. I resettle
Tidbits of Victorian methodology–
Varied though buried in epistemology.
Phantasms follow me, lecturing on
Everything from grammar to logic. If
This were a show, I’d pause it. My
Disposition, 2 caustic. Gains catching
Up to losses. Rime on run, time’s gone
Gun, this author’s mind on stun. From
Freethinking shunned. Too much conversation passing, puts me in
Unwanted meditation fasting. With a
Door closed, scribble more of the day,
With a sore repose. What the week chose. Free streets know their own
Burrow. Further furrowed. Shotgun my
Sentence fragments, hoping they make
A novel– and if I’m rewarded, hope I
Don’t bobble that statue. Life’s map,
Ado. 2 clues under sole of left shoe. No more punching clocks, please–
Hope time’s hunting not me. Wallet thinning, and this is just my beginning.
Purest purist, route to reason surest.