page puddle, overLOOK

no more to follow shapes hallow. 2 paths

undiscovered my willy-nilly all goes.

running to unbattered patches, sight now

in-tow. not much time to decide specifics.

wondering when karma’s planning its visit.

if ever. fine. depend on Self. mocha

plumes talking to me like squirmy student.

morning verses, perfect herds. just forgot

what i learned. blame first. logic last. mind

still twined in nine dry vines. lost for weeks

till the cost is tweaked. hate the clock, its creaks.

stare at sea rocks, in threes. measure my patience

in degrees. if i continue in my haikus, I might lose.

oval, hexagon; gone in songs, forced. retake course.

sequestered so i won’t be by judges pestered. re

write following measures so my balance breathes