5/14 – Over 1000 words, before noon, just as I set to do.  So now what?  Part of me wants to take mySelf out to lunch, but I have plenty here in house.  I’m a wreck.  Curse you, last night’s Cabernet!

12:33pm.  Feel a little better after lunch, some water.  No more caffeine, at least not for a few hours.  what should I do now?  Yesterday, I noted in my little notepad, “10:34a. Found I have day [off] tomorrow. Excited. And terrified. What will I write?” Well, I’ve done plenty of writing so far, but I still feel at loss.  And yes, I’m still blaming the Cabernet.  Going for that drive I mentioned in today’s earlier sitting, the thousand words b4 noon.  Oh, I’ll buy that new Comp Book I’ve been meaning to get.  Maybe cruise to Whole Foods, or “Whole Paycheck,” as I heard guests call it the other day.


2:18pm.  Watched an interview Anderson Cooper did with Eminem, on 60 Minutes a while ago.  I found it interesting how Em kept all these random rhymes in a box, sheets scattered.  They weren’t complete works, just random thoughts, pieces of eventual spoken puzzles.  Just returned from errands, where I finally bought a new Comp Book.  Rushing to fill the current book, so I can get into more untouched pages.  Mission for day’s rest: POETRY, VERSE, SPOKEN WORD.  No prose allowed.  Consolidating.

Office, a total mess.  Clearing off desk, and attacking all stacks.


4:05pm.  Desk, cleared.  All stray writing, in one of the 2 writing tombs.  But these plastic caskets, their stiffened sheets, being exhumed.  Consolidated.  First target, the poems.  All of them.  Each versed work I find, to be typed, put into “Poetry Collections” manila folder to my right.  Want them where I see, touch, recite them.  Instantly.  Had 1 cup of coffee.  Well, partial.  Spilled what remained.  In the mood for a beer.  Is it too early?  Don’t I deserve one, after my massive cleanup here in my home study?

Still thinking of the interview I watched earlier.  Something Eminem said, about how others couldn’t, and weren’t, thinking as he did when he wrote; that giving him confidence.  Reminded me of my recent thoughts on Self branding, how I AM the brand.  There’s only 1 ME.  Capitalizing on this, currently, and for some time to come.

Want to run an errand.  Think I may take some of the biz stash with me.  We poets/songwriters don’t need “startup funds.” So there’s no sense in hanging onto those banded bills.

10:05pm.  Six hours later, quite lazy.  Played video games for a couple hours.  Now, just watching the Channel 2 News.  Been writing spaced rhymes on paper pieces from the little notebook.  Only taking notes till sleep, away from this keyboard.  Clocking out.  Maybe with a sip of 1 more Cab..  Tired from last night, still.  Not sure how many lines I in me have left, for this day, night.  Want to get back into the Godfather game I was just playing, but not sure I have even the energy for that.  Peace, either way …