slowed sequently – 4/16/12

Monday.  Tired, uncomfortably so, from my early mission to AV.  This mocha, helping minimally.  Need more poetry in Performance Pieces folder.  Starting to think this log is a wish list for me to offer feedback to Self.  If that makes sense, which I’m sure it doesn’t.  The pieces I wrote in my car yesterday, going to the ongoing book project.  Beautiful drive this morning.  Pulled over on way back home, shot bud break video in front of a vineyard near East Shiloh Road.  Can’t believe it’s already here.  And before it’s known, it’ll be time to pick.  Time, moving with intent to pass us all.

Can’t get over how tired I am.  Poetry’s more appropriate now, to be honest.  Can’t think in paragraphs.  Why did I instantly jump to this keyboard?  In more of a poetry-on-paper temperament.  May take a break, and throw a couple wordages, see what sticks.  Simplistic sentiments, at this point.  Instant gratification, like a Sauv Blanc–picked, crushed, tanked, bottled, sipNscribble’d.  Almost dipped into the biz stash yesterday, and this morning.  But no, resisted, transferred enough funding to last me till next payday.  Need to stop writing about that upstairs rubber-banded bill brick.  It no longer exists.

2 stops today, on errands: bookstore, office supplies.  Why am I telling you that?  IS that engaging reading.  Of course not.  Even Kelly would suggest I change modes before I lose my audience.  So, I’d have to readdress the Wine Bar suggestion.  I’m, honestly, incredibly secure in my faculty to sell wine.  Not proud of it, but undividedly settled with bottles I move.  And I move quite a bit.  So, why not open my own shop, Wine Bar.  Shop-SLASH-Wine Bar.  Like Back Room Wines in Napa’s downtown.  Miss that place, thinking about it now.  Serving motivation, fantasy threads.  Although I was with exposed fangs to wine’s world the other day, I’ve again landed, Self-parked in my expressive hanger.  Homeostatic stride, ride…  And I do want to open a place, someday.  Last night, when picking up our dinner at Su Casa, I spoke to one of the owners‘ daughters about what she wants to do, as she’s about to graduate high school.  We started talking about the future, dreams, the sort.  She told me she wanted to open a place of her own, how much she loves the restaurant business.  So I again thought, as much as I LOVE wine, and as comfortable I continue selling it, why not just go for it, open my wine shop, with a very contained bar element to it?  Have the Wine Bar beats playing…  I know I could make it work.  Would need to have my sister involved, in some way.  Speaking of Katie, St. Francis Winery, I’ll be visiting later to do some tasting, maybe have a glass of wine on the patio.  Miss that view.  Sonoma Valley, the Mayacamas Mountains over my page…  Poured Utopia, scribbled.

Self note – Try to do the charcuterie at St. Francis today, if you visit.  Pay attention to the pairings, how the notes intermingle between wine & bite.  That’s how Steve said he started.  Well, something similar.  Like pairing wine with olive oils, or oil-themed plates.