Track 4 — thinner

The other blog, shutting down.  With Sir Jack on stage with me, I can’t afford too many irons.  The chapbook, moving along.  Did some writing today at work.  Was interesting.  Like my cubeNOTES, but with a view, seeing the actual world (sky, clouds, ground, vines, trees pushed by atmospheric jolts) and more enjoyable characters around me.  11:17pm, and all I can think about is travel.  That writing session in the hotel Room, with whatever red they have on their menu.  Tonight, sipped an ’07 Estate Cab from AV.  The first chord that met my sense net: chocolate, coupled with a little black pepper.  Had a couple glasses, the whole time wondering what Katie’s and my wine does in its generously neutral barrel.  How could it be “neutral” when I can tell that oak’s working, massaging the sculpture of that juice?  Another thing to put on the list of Katie questions.  So much poetry accumulated now, I have to do something with these pieces.  Have 8 or 9 works, “songs” I guess, arranged almost like an EP.  Would love to see a crowd’s collective eye on me, listening to my expressions, reflections, entries.  No rain tonight.  Last night’s front, forceful.  Nearly angry.  Loved it.  Perfect for one of my suspenseful short stories, which I haven’t touched in well over two years.  Don’t have time, now.  And that’s fine.  Jack’s landing pushed me even further into this word-whirled waywardness.  Writing in moment.  Don’t want to say “stream of consciousness.” Used too much, by me, others.  The little character down the hall’s providing help in consolidating project effort, aim, time, Life, passion more than anyone or one event ever’s been able to.  I was a bizarre blend, not knowing what end I wanted envisioned.  Now, me a rhino of a Cabernet, driving undeviatingly at my endeared end.  Like Mr. Shakur, I’ve been logging 3 standalone pieces a day.  Length, presently, not crucial.  Just want to stay Creating.  And, thanks to Mr. Jack Patrick, such is much easier.  I’m alas the Cabernet character I aspired.  Leaping further into my newest, most fruitful ever of years.

2/29/2012, Wednesday