Back from school event, the Walk-a-Thon, now back in loft and relaxing.  Texting Nurse back and forth, can’t wait to be with her tomorrow, the drive out there…. Our somewhat planned picnic.  Anticipating, needing.. HER.

Not sure how much I’m going to write tonight.  Tired and feel defeated, from the run and some other things.  Just need to pause, relax, don’t yet react.

Jack this morning, waking up at 05:45 to his alarm, taking a shower right at 06:00.  His morning habits and hunger are impressive.

21:16 = Not sure how still awake.  Henry comes in to give me that watch I bought him the day we all went to the bookstore with the Nurse. Meetings tomorrow then at EOD to Vacaville.  Sipping decaf and reflecting on EVERYTHING.

Laundry, shit.. just heard washing machine sound that it’s done.  I’ll put it in the dryer in a sec.  Still need some Mikey-time.  Or maybe I should just do it now.

.694 average, days like today help.  Calm, Jack and Emma in their rooms.  They like spending time there more often now.

Thinking I should save less for the book, and more being posted to bottledaux.