This morning…


Kids ready for pickup.

Tooth hurting, but the pain isn’t as intrusive, more dull and in the background, a bland color.

Message from the Nurse this morning, sweet and connective.  Still marvel at all this with her, how it’s happening to me.  One day at a time, and trying to protect myself from my own reactions and visions.

Might drive to Napa later, just something to do.  Day trip with ME.

Henry and his apple juice demands, making me laugh but also impressing me, thinking “How could any human like apple juice that much?”

So not wanting to get a car wash….  Maybe put off to tomorrow?

No plan for the day.  Things I’d like to hit written in journal, but if I don’t get to them, so what.

Feels amazing, this attitude.

Hiding from Henry in the closet, Emma…. I laugh, Henry find her, they both laugh.  Fun morning for them, who usually or often fight like stubborn tribes.