Long Multifamily meeting, mostly tech-related.  Didn’t jump in, just listened.

Smooth morning with the kids…. Jack, wanting to organize and orchestrate, keep things simple so we depart on-time.

09:07, latte and jazz as usual.  Nurse sends me something about peace, enjoying your peace… perfect.  The classroom and my memories of sharing ideas in one, thinking about it all morning, especially driving home listening to the meeting.

The passion I felt in the room, with the students, talking about what we read, what we all wrote the night before.  How do I get back, but different than before?  Journaling, drawing board, thoughts crossed out then circled.

Still waking up, somewhat.  Critical of what I do and write and think.  How much I work out, not enough.  I WILL fit in a run today.  4 miles, no more of this 5k bullshit.  I need to bring up my energy level, like my friend Monique posted this morning or yesterday, “BIG ENERGY”.

Cloudy, odd.  Even lightly raining a little on the way to Santa Rosa, Henry asking me over and over, “Is it raining?”

Gratitude, deciding my new ride.